Monday, July 30, 2012

Lily ------ My One and Only

  Water lilies are an attraction in many parks or any big restaurants where they have it along with  some   koi fishes . At last it has cast its spell on me lately .

  This marvelous beauty , once an luxury , has at last found its place in my home  garden .
While water lilies appear delicate, don't let their exotic aura fool you. These flowers are as tough as they are beautiful. They do well in any Climatic conditions .

  They grow from tubers planted in pots beneath the water and send up stems with rounded leaves and star-shaped blossoms that float on the surface. Daytime bloomers, they blossom in the morning and close after sunset, lasting three or four days before sinking beneath the surface.

  On my recent visit to a nearby nursery i saw them in cement ponds . Blooming very lavishly . When inquired i was told that the lily would almost give us a bloom all 365 days a year .
Its also noted that if we have a big pond , it would multiply itself , but unfortunately i have a very small pond  . In fact the plant was a little big for my pond and the leaves were spreading outside the pond and i had a doubt they might not survive well. But after a month i noticed that the lily actually accommodated itself according to the size of the pond and now produce smaller leaves .

 A month later ...

   And yes the nursery keeper was right . It gives me a bloom everyday . I had just placed it in a place where there is sunlight for at least 6 hours .

  I am planning to add some Guppies fish to it . so that it can feed on the algae forming and indirectly protect the plant as well .

And along with the lily , i was given these water plants for free .....Looks lovely too ...


Anita Kumar said...

Lovely lilies.... Think I should give them a try too.

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