Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Adenium ( or ) Desert Rose

  I came to know about Adenium a few years back , when i bought the first one from a local nursery . one of the PRETTIEST flowers you can imagine: it grows on leafless succulent stems that can form a largish shrub. The lovely colors attracted me and i was very much impressed when i was told that it is a water tolerant plant and doesn't need much care and all it need is sunlight .

  But only recently did i come to know that there are so many color in adeniums and these are the easiest choices to make a Bonsai .

  My first adenium bought few years back is still growing great and i have collected seeds from it and my dad succeeded in growing them from seeds , that now most of my garden is covered with adeniums germinated from seeds . its in surplus now that we have kept it on the roads outside our house and it blooms always and cows don't eat them .

  Recently , i have started collecting different colors of adeniums . Now i have about 6 - 7 colors and plan to add more .

  They require less soil . less manure , very less water and almost no maintenance . But gives you blooms all throughout the year .

  Wat a faithful plant .....

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